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Alexandrea Mallia

Actress / Artist

“You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.”

          -Joseph Campbell

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Info :

Alexandrea Mallia is an impassioned, intelligent-yet-wacky, self-starter artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Since birth Alexandrea has felt a strong connection to the arts and storytelling. Ever since she could pick up a pencil she has been expressing herself through the visual arts, before eventually branching into directing and producing at a very young age. Whether it was putting on full productions of The Phantom of the Opera in her friend's basement, to starting a YouTube film channel during it's prime in 2008, or being the first in her high school to bring back both a scholarship and award from an indie state film festival for her short 2D animated film. After pursuing a career in illustration in Japan, a dream she had been working towards from age eight to twenty-one, Alexandrea switched her life path and moved to NYC in 2016 to pursue a career in acting, while continuing to work as a professional illustrator and Japanese translator.

She has been captivated by the wonder and life that the performing arts feeds to the soul. And feels that her eccentric nature and dedication in all fields she finds herself in makes her an actress and artist worth working with. Being able to bring her own unique talent to characters, while also being able to provide new elements of behind the scene work with her skill as a designer and illustrator.

Alexandrea first received film oriented acting training from the New York Film Academy. Gaining training in on-camera, stage combat, improv, Shakespeare, and Viewpoints techniques. Since her graduation she had continued her training  at a variety of institutions.  With over three years of Meisner training at The Artist Gym with acting coach Jacob Mirer, working digitally with bi-coastal acting coach Joanne Mosconi, a variety of scene study classes at the John DeSotelle Studio and T. Schreiber. Most recently she completed the Six Week Summer Acting Intensive at The Neighborhood Playhouse. Studying with Gary Kingston, Todd Susman, Brad Lemons, Taeler Cyrus, and Lori Triolo.

Along with continuing the study of her craft she has starred in a variety of different theatrical performances, independent films, and was involved with the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company until 2020. Alexandrea is a firm believer in not passively waiting for her career to start and also jumped into producing. Starting her own theatre company Crow Theatre Co. in 2019 and producing three sold-out productions in the first year of its inauguration. Since the pandemic she has moved on to producing film as well.

Outside of performing on stage and in front of the camera Alexandrea has been working both as illustrator and Japanese translator. She illustrated the celebrated children's books I'm Just Me by Kody Christiansen, while also working as storyboard artist for indie films. As a translator she has translated numerous children's books such as Mailbox in the Forest, by Kyoko Hara, and I Believe in You, by Tatsuya Miyanishi, and most recently the historical fiction novel Rashin: Samurai Crusaders by Ted Takashima.


Alexandrea Mallia feels most alive when she creating and sharing stories. Whether it is as an actress, illustrator, director, or more, if you give her the opportunity to use her limitless creative capabilities she will jump on it and work tirelessly to ensure success.  

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